COVID-19 Help for Residents

COVID-19 Help for Residents

15th of April, 2020

Lancashire County Council is focusing on providing the essential services which support the most vulnerable people in Lancashire. They are working closely with other local authority partners, as well as the community and voluntary sectors across Lancashire, to be able to provide help to those who need it most during the coming weeks. Community hubs have been created in each district across Lancashire to coordinate the support and help which is available for those in need.  They are being managed and operated by local authority staff who are engaging with community volunteer support.

The Support Group for Pendle can be found here

They recognise that a lot of people who need to self-isolate or who are otherwise vulnerable during the pandemic will have strong arrangements in place with family, friends, neighbours and local shops providing their essential support and reducing their feelings of loneliness. The new community hubs help will not replace that. They will be safety nets for those without others to help them out or if those arrangements break down for whatever reason, including if the person helping them becomes unwell themselves. The hubs can also signpost residents to services such as preventing loneliness, mental health support and financial and debt advice. 

They have lots of useful information on how to get help for vulnerable residents and how to volunteer to help on the link below. You also can view the contact details for your local community hub on these pages.